What is early college high school?

These public high schools give students the opportunity to complete up to 2 years of college while still in high school.

What’s the point of early college high schools?

Early college high schools enable students to accelerate their education so that they can take real college classes and earn college credit in high school. Early college is different from dual enrollment in that it’s a cohesive program where all the students work toward college classes by their junior year and they are not required to travel to a college to access the classes.

Who are these schools good for?

Early college high schools tend to be intensely rigorous and therefore may not work for all students. But research has found they are especially effective in preparing first-to-college students to experience success in college.

Where are early college high schools?

Though early college high schools are not available everywhere, some states like Texas, New York, and North Carolina have a strong track record of the early college model.

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Thank you to Principal Paul Covey of Valle Verde Early College High School and Principal Claudia Gomez-Perez of Jimmy Carter Early College High School. Both of these schools won a GreatSchools College Success Award.