For Parents

What kind of high school do we need in the 21st century? In our diverse, globalized society, every student deserves a high school experience that enables them to fulfill their potential. These stories will help you see how innovative high schools are creating solutions to help every student thrive. No single practice can ensure a high school’s success, but when high schools prioritize equity, rigor, and how teens actually learn, all students thrive.

Explore these practices and ask yourself: What will work for your child and your community? Then share those solutions with teachers, principals, the superintendent, and the school board.



A brilliant way to teach advanced English

Celebrating progress

Innovations that will outlast the pandemic

The difference between high school in the U.S. and Latin America (video in Spanish only)

Why teachers and parents need to work together (video in Spanish only)

How you can support your child in school (video in Spanish only)


In this season of our podcast, Like a Sponge, we explore how high schools need to change and the ways some educators are embracing innovative practices rooted in both equity and rigor. What does it mean for a school to become trauma-sensitive? Or anti-rascist? See how these big ideas play out in real schools.


Who will your child be when they graduate?

This guide will help you explore how and what your child needs to develop before they graduate from high school.

How to help a child find their purpose

Having a clear sense of purpose in life has unlimited benefits. This worksheet helps kids explore their unique purpose in life.

Podcasts to help rethink high school

Podcasts to jumpstart community conversations about how to rethink high school and create schools where all students thrive.

Documentary films and videos to help rethink high school

Videos to jumpstart community conversations about how to redesign high school and create schools where all students thrive.